Myself, along with an increasing number of  other business people frequently transacting online, have growing confidence that bitcoin is set to become the currency of choice for making these transactions.

Such confidence extends, also, offline. Transferring funds around the world has never been so affordable; and with availability to all with even casual Internet access, it is also readily accessible to many more. The potential benefit offered to developing nations is absolutely huge. Crypto Currency can possibly begin to release the bonds imposed upon them by international aid, which inevitably translates ultimately to debt.

There is growing resentment of the high charges incurred to do business via online payment processors, and indeed, all other traditional financial service providers. All these ‘traditional providers’ come, further encumbered by a very real chargeback risk.

In other words, fraudsters can easily ‘complain’ and have charges reversed which cost a merchant lost sales, extra penalty fees and lost reputation.

Such a situation is impossible with bitcoin.

Certainly, bitcoin is different to any currency that has preceded it, and as such,  we all must learn and understand a few new things.

Change is here NOW folks! I suggest that you embrace it.

As the adoption rate of bitcoin grows, (as in the number of people using it) systems will inevitably become more streamlined and user friendly  for even non tech savvy users.

PTC4BTC is a wonderful and low risk approach to begin using bitcoin!

Earn some BTC (bitcoin) with PTC (paid to click) and get accustomed to dealing with the currency, understanding the milli vs micro bitcoin and satoshis!

For a very good source of information on bitcoin in general, please click on the INFORMATION button in the header above.

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Please feel free to contact me from my CONTACT page above if you have any questions on anything at all I have mentioned (or not mentioned).

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Ignore it as much or for as long as you wish; bitcoin, or whichever crypto currency assumes pre-eminence, is going to be increasingly used by a steadily growing multitude of people some day in the not too distant future.

Get used to it..

.. and get some bitcoin for yourself !!

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